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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

you ad me, and ALL

I pray,
that one day
very soon
you and me
and he and she
and all the others
in the whole world
will see that we were made
to serve each other.

Service is joy
Service is peace
Service is true happiness.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017


I pray for love
While I pray, 
I think of love

I pray
I think
I love
I bathe in Love
Love penetrates all my pores
It streams in my blood
Love, love, Love

Thoughts of love are so much involved in the process, whenever we pray. It is almost impossible to think about our Creator and not think about love, or Love (with the capital L). And yet for so many people in this world, prayer is comprised of merely mechanically repeating a few phrases they memorized a long time ago without giving it a lot of thought or feeling. Once we start to think, and think deeply and feel, feel deeply while we pray, our prayers tend to get so much more meaningful. 

Many people see prayer as a sacrifice, that they make for our Creator.
Once we pray with mind and heart and soul, it does not longer feel like that.
It becomes a joy, rather than a sacrifice!

Friday, 7 April 2017

My sons

To the most gracious
and the most forgiving
Creator of this world, I pray

I pray for my sons

My sons,
may our dear Creator give you wisdom,
wisdom to live a life filled with goodness.
Goodness from you to others
and goodness from others to you.

    Wisdom to live a life filled with sharing
    A life filled with joy and peace of mind
    A life filled with genuine happiness and honesty
    A life filled with respect from you and for you.

May our dear Creator give you love
a life filled with love
a loving wife and loving children
loving friends and loving neighbors.

    Our hearts are full of love
    May our dear God help you to bring it out
    to give it away to all around you
    to receive love from all around you.

May our dear God protect you
and give you a life of safety
and good health
protect you from evil friends
from excessive sin

May our dear God show you His path
and inspire you to follow it
'Cause if we follow His path
peace and joy and happiness
flows from within to flood
our soul, heart, mind and body.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017


My God,
Give me endless compassion
Give me endless love
endless kindness
and abundant wealth

Give the wisdom to value
endless love, endless kindness
and endless compassion,
at least as much as
abundant wealth

If I will manage this,
I will have a life full,
filled with love, kindness
filled with compassion
and yes also abundant wealth

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Love our enemies

Muslims consider Jesus as a prophet.
Buddhists call him a Buddha
The Hindus think he was a Yogi

The Christians see him as the Son of God

There have few men who lived on earth
who have been so revered.

He was teaching us love
But many others were teaching us love too.
The love he taught however went one step further
He asked us to love not only our friends but also our enemies
He asked us not to slap back but give our other cheek

Even though one cannot but stand in awe for these teachings,
and almost everyone on earth has heard about them,
there are so few of us, belonging to any religion,
who manage to follow these teachings in our own life.
Even most of the Christians have willfully ignored
these teachings throughout time.

People who truly tried to live according to these teachings,
the ones coming easily to mind include Marther Luther King Jr,
Ghandi, and perhaps Francis of Assisi. All have been extremely successful
in achieving what the passion of their heart has been.

If we love our enemies, it won't be long before our enemies love us.
and enmity will cease to exist altogether
If we offer our other cheek, the slapping will end
and violence may cease to exist altogether

It is so easy to see and understand
and yet so difficult to do.

I pray to our Creator,
Please my God, Please Allah,
Let me, Let us all, love more and be kind, even in the most difficult situations.
Love is truly the way of our Creator. 
Everyone knows
but so few of us manage to truly live it.

Friday, 23 September 2016

A world without money

I dream of a world without money
where each of us serve
according to our talents
just for the pleasure of serving.

Money was made to ensure fair trades
so that everyone gets compensated
according to the level of work they deliver

But this is not happening.
Money is not fairly distributed
Money is not fairly paid
The financial world has become
a huge parody, a mockery of fairness and justice

So let us forget about fairness and justice.
There will be always people who do not want to work
There will be always people who serve less than others
The world may be never fair.

But isn't it about time that we get out of the slavery of money
Isn't it about time we start fully enjoying the pleasure of selfless service
Isn't it about time we give up our enormous hunger for money.
IF enough people would give selfless free service,
the need for money would disappear.
It would be a world much fairer than anything we have today.
Those who do not participate in the service will enjoy the service of others
without rendering service themselves, but they will miss out on the great pleasure
that selfless service brings. They will be actually on the losing end.

May sound like a wild, wild dream,
but somewhere deep inside there is a spark of hope, my God,
that enough people will get inspired by Your great Love.

The world is changing and it is changing fast.
Let us take this unlikely turn towards
a worldwide united loving society

I dream about
I pray for
I long for
I visualize
I believe in
a world where money lost all value
a world where all contribute to the good
of each other


A pair of hands is praying
for a wave of triple wisdom;
a breeze of truth and light
to make everyone
in this world still filled with greed
see the highest axiom
that only selfless kindness
will bring true happiness