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Friday, 24 June 2016


My God,

Billions of people on this wonderful planet.
Wonderful gifts of splendid sunrises,
superior talents a mind to think love and trust

We are all connected and
meant to be completely united.

Perhaps this prayer comes a bit late
After a group of gullible people
have allowed themselves to become again victims
of greedy unwise nationalist demagogues

My God,
Let this not disturb the wise people
praying for a border-less world
where all humans can live in peace and harmony.

Let us all pray more for unity
Let us all pray more for awareness of the oneness
of everyone and everything on earth.

If my brother in Africa suffers, it affects me,
because I am part of this world and he is too.

The world as intended by God,
border-less, united, peaceful.
Let us remove all borders,
Let us be united and
Let us enjoy peace

Friday, 10 June 2016


When I search for You, my God,
I look up to the skies.
I see wonderful clouds

When I search for You, my God,
sometimes I find only clouds
sometimes however
the clouds seem to tell:

Hans, why look up so high
Surely you can find our Creator
here so high in the sky,
It is much easier if look close-by

When I search for You, my God,
I start to look up high
I soon realize that You are there
but also  that You are near
now and here
every time, every where

All we have to do is connect.
All we have to do is tune in.