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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Love our enemies

Muslims consider Jesus as a prophet.
Buddhists call him a Buddha
The Hindus think he was a Yogi

The Christians see him as the Son of God

There have few men who lived on earth
who have been so revered.

He was teaching us love
But many others were teaching us love too.
The love he taught however went one step further
He asked us to love not only our friends but also our enemies
He asked us not to slap back but give our other cheek

Even though one cannot but stand in awe for these teachings,
and almost everyone on earth has heard about them,
there are so few of us, belonging to any religion,
who manage to follow these teachings in our own life.
Even most of the Christians have willfully ignored
these teachings throughout time.

People who truly tried to live according to these teachings,
the ones coming easily to mind include Marther Luther King Jr,
Ghandi, and perhaps Francis of Assisi. All have been extremely successful
in achieving what the passion of their heart has been.

If we love our enemies, it won't be long before our enemies love us.
and enmity will cease to exist altogether
If we offer our other cheek, the slapping will end
and violence may cease to exist altogether

It is so easy to see and understand
and yet so difficult to do.

I pray to our Creator,
Please my God, Please Allah,
Let me, Let us all, love more and be kind, even in the most difficult situations.
Love is truly the way of our Creator. 
Everyone knows
but so few of us manage to truly live it.

Friday, 23 September 2016

A world without money

I dream of a world without money
where each of us serve
according to our talents
just for the pleasure of serving.

Money was made to ensure fair trades
so that everyone gets compensated
according to the level of work they deliver

But this is not happening.
Money is not fairly distributed
Money is not fairly paid
The financial world has become
a huge parody, a mockery of fairness and justice

So let us forget about fairness and justice.
There will be always people who do not want to work
There will be always people who serve less than others
The world may be never fair.

But isn't it about time that we get out of the slavery of money
Isn't it about time we start fully enjoying the pleasure of selfless service
Isn't it about time we give up our enormous hunger for money.
IF enough people would give selfless free service,
the need for money would disappear.
It would be a world much fairer than anything we have today.
Those who do not participate in the service will enjoy the service of others
without rendering service themselves, but they will miss out on the great pleasure
that selfless service brings. They will be actually on the losing end.

May sound like a wild, wild dream,
but somewhere deep inside there is a spark of hope, my God,
that enough people will get inspired by Your great Love.

The world is changing and it is changing fast.
Let us take this unlikely turn towards
a worldwide united loving society

I dream about
I pray for
I long for
I visualize
I believe in
a world where money lost all value
a world where all contribute to the good
of each other


A pair of hands is praying
for a wave of triple wisdom;
a breeze of truth and light
to make everyone
in this world still filled with greed
see the highest axiom
that only selfless kindness
will bring true happiness

Friday, 24 June 2016


My God,

Billions of people on this wonderful planet.
Wonderful gifts of splendid sunrises,
superior talents a mind to think love and trust

We are all connected and
meant to be completely united.

Perhaps this prayer comes a bit late
After a group of gullible people
have allowed themselves to become again victims
of greedy unwise nationalist demagogues

My God,
Let this not disturb the wise people
praying for a border-less world
where all humans can live in peace and harmony.

Let us all pray more for unity
Let us all pray more for awareness of the oneness
of everyone and everything on earth.

If my brother in Africa suffers, it affects me,
because I am part of this world and he is too.

The world as intended by God,
border-less, united, peaceful.
Let us remove all borders,
Let us be united and
Let us enjoy peace

Friday, 10 June 2016


When I search for You, my God,
I look up to the skies.
I see wonderful clouds

When I search for You, my God,
sometimes I find only clouds
sometimes however
the clouds seem to tell:

Hans, why look up so high
Surely you can find our Creator
here so high in the sky,
It is much easier if look close-by

When I search for You, my God,
I start to look up high
I soon realize that You are there
but also  that You are near
now and here
every time, every where

All we have to do is connect.
All we have to do is tune in.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Miraculous blend

Beige brown
Soft and a wonderful leaf on it
The lazy chair in the garden

My muscles relaxed
A soft breeze on my cheeks
Sun rays gentle and warm

A little prayer enters my mind
Asking for inspiration
For guidance and peace

Creative forces, floating in air
Tainted with love from within
Miraculous blend

A vision of a wonderful world
A dream,...
No, it is real.

Thursday, 25 February 2016


When I withdraw from buzz and silently pray
I ask from deep within to find God's way
Then, my mind is filled from high above
Sublime thoughts of unconditional love

Sunday, 21 February 2016

The little key

A small prayer
for kindness
for love

A soft longing
for affability
for friendship

A discrete desire
for compassion
for empathy

A simple want
for tenderness
for care

A minute search
for a smile
for a wink

Soul was praying,
longing, wanting

A little softness
A little silence
A small key

A small key
to open the heart
A bit of silence

A gush of love
of kindness, of friendship
of big compassion

A huge stream
never ending
an open heart

An ocean of bliss
flooding the world
engulfing my soul

Silently gushing
quietly flooding
softly engulfing

A little prayer
A little longing
A little search

The key is never far away.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Free of fear

Please free us of the preachers of doom
Please free us of the preachers of fear
Please free us of the preachers of hate
Please free us of the preachers of hell

Our Creator is the most Gracious
No need to preach doom
Our Creator is the most Forgiving
No need to preach fear
Our Creator is the most Gracious
No need to preach hatred
Our Creator is the most Forgiving
No need to preach hell

Let us learn how to love
Love, love, love
Let us learn how to thank
Thank, thank, thank

If we love love love
If we thank thank thank
No need to preach fear and hell
No need to preach doom and hatred

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Many bits to share

small prayer based on my latest "soul sprinkle"

I want to pray
that tomorrow
I can share
with as many people
as possible,
as many bits
as possible
of that tremendously
amazing love
and that tremendously
amazing kindness
that was placed
in each of our hearts
the moment we were born.

Somehow i believe
that every time we share
one of these little bits,
something magical happens:
this small bit makes
a small change in this big world
a small change that may live on
for more than hundred years
beyond our own death
and who knows, well
into eternity...

Thursday, 7 January 2016

True nature

This is a small prayer
for all people
in this big world
to become aware
of our true nature
which is love
which is kindness
which is compassion
which is peace
which is harmony.

A small prayer
for all of us
to become aware
that only a life
filled with our true nature
is THE source of
true happiness

Help me, my God,
Help all my friends
all my family
all my collegues
all my neighbours
and all, all others
in this big world
to love, be kind, compassionate
and be an instrument of
Your peace and harmony