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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Love our enemies

Muslims consider Jesus as a prophet.
Buddhists call him a Buddha
The Hindus think he was a Yogi

The Christians see him as the Son of God

There have few men who lived on earth
who have been so revered.

He was teaching us love
But many others were teaching us love too.
The love he taught however went one step further
He asked us to love not only our friends but also our enemies
He asked us not to slap back but give our other cheek

Even though one cannot but stand in awe for these teachings,
and almost everyone on earth has heard about them,
there are so few of us, belonging to any religion,
who manage to follow these teachings in our own life.
Even most of the Christians have willfully ignored
these teachings throughout time.

People who truly tried to live according to these teachings,
the ones coming easily to mind include Marther Luther King Jr,
Ghandi, and perhaps Francis of Assisi. All have been extremely successful
in achieving what the passion of their heart has been.

If we love our enemies, it won't be long before our enemies love us.
and enmity will cease to exist altogether
If we offer our other cheek, the slapping will end
and violence may cease to exist altogether

It is so easy to see and understand
and yet so difficult to do.

I pray to our Creator,
Please my God, Please Allah,
Let me, Let us all, love more and be kind, even in the most difficult situations.
Love is truly the way of our Creator. 
Everyone knows
but so few of us manage to truly live it.

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