small words that came straight from my heart during silent contemplation

Friday, 7 April 2017

My sons

To the most gracious
and the most forgiving
Creator of this world, I pray

I pray for my sons

My sons,
may our dear Creator give you wisdom,
wisdom to live a life filled with goodness.
Goodness from you to others
and goodness from others to you.

    Wisdom to live a life filled with sharing
    A life filled with joy and peace of mind
    A life filled with genuine happiness and honesty
    A life filled with respect from you and for you.

May our dear Creator give you love
a life filled with love
a loving wife and loving children
loving friends and loving neighbors.

    Our hearts are full of love
    May our dear God help you to bring it out
    to give it away to all around you
    to receive love from all around you.

May our dear God protect you
and give you a life of safety
and good health
protect you from evil friends
from excessive sin

May our dear God show you His path
and inspire you to follow it
'Cause if we follow His path
peace and joy and happiness
flows from within to flood
our soul, heart, mind and body.

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