small words that came straight from my heart during silent contemplation

Wednesday, 24 May 2017


I pray for love
While I pray, 
I think of love

I pray
I think
I love
I bathe in Love
Love penetrates all my pores
It streams in my blood
Love, love, Love

Thoughts of love are so much involved in the process, whenever we pray. It is almost impossible to think about our Creator and not think about love, or Love (with the capital L). And yet for so many people in this world, prayer is comprised of merely mechanically repeating a few phrases they memorized a long time ago without giving it a lot of thought or feeling. Once we start to think, and think deeply and feel, feel deeply while we pray, our prayers tend to get so much more meaningful. 

Many people see prayer as a sacrifice, that they make for our Creator.
Once we pray with mind and heart and soul, it does not longer feel like that.
It becomes a joy, rather than a sacrifice!

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